How to Select Jewelry that Enhances Your Personal Style

Winter 2023-2024 * by Precious Feelings * Liz

What is your Style?

If you’ve ever found yourself lost in the sea of jewelry choices, wondering which piece speaks to your style soul, you've just found your treasure map. Let’s embark on a style journey to discover your jewelry persona with our six fabulous collections.

Understanding Your Jewelry Personality

Every piece of jewelry tells a story, and every collection we curate has its unique narrative. Are you the bold and daring type, or do you lean towards timeless elegance? Maybe you’re a blend of several styles. Fear not, fashionistas; our guide will help you unveil your inner jewelry diva.

The Eclectic Mix-Match Magic

First things first: it’s absolutely fine to mix and match! Style is a personal journey, and sometimes, it’s the eclectic blend that creates the most stunning looks. But if you’re looking for a more defined path, let’s dive into our collections.

Fashion Fix Collection Highlights: Find Your Fit

Every month, we introduce 5 special sets in our Fashion Fix release, each aligning with a distinct style. You can find them all here. No guesswork when it comes to your Fashion Fix Pieces. Each collection is the perfect blend of textures and style. Each Fashion Fix set comes with 4 perfectly coordinated pieces to give you a complete effortless look.

We also have another cool collection called Uniquely Urban that you just need to see! It is a crowd favorite, and you can check them out here. Let’s explore what each of these fabulous collections offers.

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Fiercely 5th Avenue: The Sophisticated Powerhouse

  • Style Essence: Timeless elegance with a modern twist.
  • For Whom: The professional powerhouse who loves a bit of sparkle.
  • Look: Polished for the office, glamorous after-hours.
  • Key Pieces: Elegant designs, traditional metal finishes.

Glimpses of Malibu: The Cheerful Fashionista

  • Style Essence: Playful, colorful, and whimsically laid-back.
  • For Whom: From the bubbly socialite to the introspective dreamer.
  • Look: Fun pops of color, feminine prints, and flawless touches.
  • Key Pieces: Cheerful accessories that make a statement.

Magnificent Musings: The Bold Trendsetter

  • Style Essence: Edgy, bold, unapologetically glamorous.
  • For Whom: The confident fashion lover who commands attention.
  • Look: Glamorously grungy, smoldering styles.
  • Key Pieces: Statement pieces that are daring and distinct.

Sunset Sightings: The Audacious Innovator

  • Style Essence: Abstract, funky, and fearlessly trendy.
  • For Whom: The envelope-pusher who’s always ahead of the curve.
  • Look: Daring trends, enviable fashion risks.
  • Key Pieces: Out-of-the-box designs that captivate.

Simply Santa Fe: The Earthy Artisan

  • Style Essence: Earthy, detailed, inspired by nature.
  • For Whom: The free spirit who treasures creativity and story.
  • Look: Authentic designs, handcrafted pieces.
  • Key Pieces: Nature-inspired patterns with rich details.

Uniquely Urban: The Relaxed Trend-Enthusiast

  • Style Essence: Comfortable, wearable, textured.
  • For Whom: The laid-back style lover who values versatility.
  • Look: Casual yet cool, effortlessly stylish.
  • Key Pieces: Leather, twine, cording in relaxed designs.

Styling Tips for Each Collection

Now that we’ve met our collections, let’s talk about how to incorporate these pieces into your daily wear.

From Office to Outing: Versatile Visions
  • Office Elegance: Pair a Fiercely 5th Avenue necklace with a blazer for a professional yet stylish look.
  • Casual Chic: A Simply Santa Fe bracelet adds earthy charm to a weekend outfit.
  • Girls’ Night Glam: Magnificent Musings earrings bring the right amount of drama for an evening out.
  • Party Trend-Setter: Choose a fun top in one of the accent colors of a Glimpses of Malibu necklace for that runway look.
  • Running Errands and Fabulous: You can quickly grab a Sunset Sightings ring for a special touch of style.
  • Casually Cool: a Uniquely Urban bracelet is the perfect choice for a stroll at the beach or an afternoon at the park.

Making a Personal Statement

Remember, your style is a reflection of your personality. Each collection offers a way to express different facets of your unique persona.

Mixing Collections

Don’t be afraid to pair a Glimpses of Malibu ring with a Uniquely Urban necklace. It’s all about what feels right to you.

Fearless Experimentation

Dive into a world of creative freedom! Mix metals, blend unexpected color palettes from our handpicked Pantone® recommendations, and layer different textures. There’s no right or wrong in fashion, only the thrill of discovery and expression.

Embrace Your Style Journey

Fashion is an ever-evolving journey, and with our collections, you have a world of styles at your fingertips. Whether you’re drawn to one collection or a mix of several, the key is to wear what makes you feel confident and fabulous.

Stay True, Stay Stylish

Remember, the best accessory is your confidence. Our collections are here to complement your individuality, not define it. So go ahead, explore, experiment, and most importantly, have fun with your fashion choices!

Your style journey is yours alone, filled with endless possibilities. Each piece you choose, each combination you create, is a chapter in your fashion story. Be fearless, be experimental, and above all, be authentically you.

We can’t wait to see how you bring these collections to life in your own unique way. Stay tuned for our monthly Fashion Fix releases, and let’s keep this style party going!

 Get the Look!

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