How to Empower Individual Style: Vintage Playful Textures

Tweed and Tulle: A Match Made in Texture Heaven

Now, let's talk texture. Texture is the secret sauce that turns "nice" into "Who is she?". At the end of this post you will see the Pantone Color recommendations for this vintage look.

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The Tweed Touch:

  • Picture a matching tweed blazer and mini skirt. It’s classic, it’s chic, it’s a bit cheeky, and it absolutely means business. Pair it with ribbed tights to keep the chill at bay and add an unexpected twist to the texture narrative.

Casual Cool:

  • For those days when comfort is key, but you still want to turn heads, opt for a plaid sweater and corduroy pants duo. This combo is your new best friend, promising warmth, style, and a ticket to the cool crowd. Complete the look with ankle boots that speak to winter with both function and fashion.


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Clasp bracelet


Denim Days: The All-Over Appeal

Denim is the canvas of the fashion world; it's durable, versatile, and gets better with every wear. This season, it’s all about denim decorated with delicate details that tell a new story.

Lace and Denim

Search for jackets and skirts trimmed with lace appliques—these are not just clothes; they are conversation starters.

Vintage Look

Oversized jewelry embellishments and bold details will amp up the look of any outfit. Look for pieces that have unique details—like this jewelry set. The design results in functional art pieces that celebrate the set’s heirloom aesthetic.

Silk and Jean

A touch of silk on denim? Yes, please! It’s the unexpected romance that your wardrobe has been craving.

Color Me Beautiful: Pantone® Pairings

Let’s chat about the magic of color and how it can take your jewelry game from "nice" to "knockout" in seconds flat. This season, we're crushing on Pantone® hues that are just as yummy as a slice of your favorite cake and as eye-catching as a double rainbow.

Don’t worry if you’re not a pro at mixing and matching – we’ve got your back! We've mixed, matched, and mapped out the perfect palette so you can skip the guesswork and jump straight to the joy of accessorizing.

Here’s the scoop: We’ve got a trio of Pantone® picks that will make our featured jewelry set pop like confetti at a party. Whether you're channeling vintage vibes or going full-on femme fatale, these colors are the wing-women your jewelry dreams didn’t know they needed.

And the best part? You can throw these pieces on with just about anything. Fancy night out? Check. Casual coffee run? Double-check. These accessories are like your favorite jeans – they just work, no matter the occasion.

So go ahead, play dress-up with your closet and watch as these accessories blend in and stand out, all at the same time. It’s not just versatile, it’s fashion-forward flexibility at its finest!


Dive into the deep end with Marlin, a blue that's as mysterious as the ocean and just as captivating.

Tender Peach

Soft, inviting, and slightly whimsical, Tender Peach gives a gentle nod to those sweet, sunny days.


Bold, vibrant, and full of life, Watercress is the green that dreams are made of, perfect for adding a pop of color that’s both grounded and daring.

Your Style, Your Story

Remember, fashion is more than clothing; it’s an extension of your personality. It’s the story you choose to tell the world each day. So whether you’re dressing up for a night out or styling down for a casual brunch, make sure it’s a story worth sharing.

What’s Your Next Chapter?

Are you ready to turn the page and step into a world where vintage meets modern, where textures tangle in harmony, and colors converse in beauty? Stay tuned to our Fashion Jewelry Blog for more tips, tricks, and trends to keep your style story going.

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New Beautiful Fashion Trend this Season: Vintage Charm Meets Modern Chic