Get Your Confidence Soaring in Style Right Now: Bold, Happy Colors

Your Mood, Your Canvas

Welcome, style mavens, to the art of mood dressing! Today, we’re infusing our outfits with a dash of joy and a whole lot of optimism. Think of your outfit as your mood ring, a vibrant canvas that reflects your inner sunshine. At the end of this post you will see the Pantone Color recommendations for this look.

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Brighten Up Your Basics.

The Cozy Cardigan Coup:

  • Grab that bright mohair cardigan from your closet and pair it with your go-to wide-leg jeans. It’s comfort meeting chic, and they’re getting along like old friends.

Turtleneck Triumphs:

  • Picture yourself in a lime green turtleneck dress, your silhouette as fresh as spring itself. Now, wrap a cozy plaid scarf around your neck—because spring can be a little chilly, and we’re about warmth in every sense.


Post earrings

 Stretch bracelet


The Shape of Happiness

Feeling funky? Let’s embrace the shape of happiness trend, where patterns and textures are the life of the party.

Checkerboard Chic

An oversized checkered sweater plus a pleated skirt equals playful perfection. Add tweed leg warmers, and you’re not just walking—you’re strutting a statement.

Fearless: Bring on the Happy Jewelry

Bring the fashion volume up with bold jewelry colors, like in this fabulous set. You can make any outfit shine and seem new again.

Floral Jumpsuit Joy

A touch of silk on denim? Yes, please! It’s the unexpected romance that your wardrobe has been craving.

Pantone® Pairings: The Colors That Speak You

Roll out the color wheel and let's dive into a world where colors are the confetti in the parade of your day-to-day style! This season is all about Pantone® colors that are more scrumptious than the frosting on your birthday cupcakes and more dazzling than the sparklers on New Year’s Eve.

Mixing and matching not your jam? No stress! We’ve curated a cocktail of colors so delectable, you’ll be accessorizing with the ease of a sommelier pairing wine with cheese.

Let’s unwrap this color party pack: Our Pantone® picks are like the trusty sidekicks to your jewelry—think the Robin to your Batman, the peanut butter to your jelly. Orange Tiger brings the roar to your office blazer, Pink Peacock turns heads at your downtown brunch, and Spun Sugar sweetens up that little black dress for your evening rendezvous.

And guess what? This jewelry is your wardrobe’s MVP, sliding into your lineup from AM meetings to PM greetings without missing a beat.

So, slip on that colorful bracelet with your power suit, dangle those pink earrings as you dance through your day, and let that bold necklace be the icing on your outfit cake.

Orange Tiger

Bold, unapologetic, and fierce. Pair it with neutrals to let it roar or with equally vibrant hues for a full-on jungle chorus.

Pink Peacock

Not just pink—Pink Peacock. It’s the color of sunset adventures and unscripted moments.

Spun Sugar

Sweet, subtle, and just a touch whimsical. It’s the soft background that makes your jewelry the headline act.

The Joy of Dressing

Dressing up is the daily act of crafting your narrative. It’s about feeling every shade of fabulous and stepping out as the most authentic, glowing version of yourself.

Your Style Story

What story will you tell with your outfit today? Will you be the heroine in bright mohair, or the mysterious enchantress in monochrome? Every day is a page to turn, and we’re here to give you the ink.

Stay tuned to our Fashion Jewelry Blog for more inspiration, tips, and tales from the fashion front lines. Remember, in the world of style, you’re the artist and every day is a fresh canvas. Let's paint it bold, bright, and beautiful!

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