Amazing Ways to Explore Your Earthy Style with Nature-Inspired Accessories

Embrace the Earthy Elegance

Welcome to our latest edition of the Fashion Jewelry Blog, where we're channeling Mother Earth and her natural elegance into our wardrobe. Ready to float through your day in fabrics that whisper secrets of the forest and fields? Let's get started!

Nature's calling, and she's inviting us to drape ourselves in her beauty. This isn't just about dressing up; it's about becoming one with the flowing grace of the natural world.

Fashion Fix Simply Santa Fe
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Velvet Dreams and Leather Streams

Velvet Visions:

  • Slip into a crushed velvet dress that cascades like a waterfall over your form. Pair it with knee-high leather boots, and you’re not just walking—you’re gliding with free-spirited femininity.

Boho Chic:

  • Think of the bohemian queen within, calling out for textures that feel like a second skin and colors that tell her story.


Hoop earrings

Clasp bracelet


Function Meets Fashion

Who says you can’t have it all? Comfort and style go hand-in-hand like trees and the sky—effortlessly and beautifully. Imagine a wide-leg jumpsuit that offers room to move, dance, and be your true self. Add cowboy boots for a hint of wild spirit and a shawl to wrap you in warmth like a gentle hug. Sounds like a dream!

Let's step it up a notch and consider the shawl style. We're talking about wraps that are as versatile as they are chic—a cocoon of coziness on a brisk day out. Can you picture yourself wearing it? Feels like a warm hug, doesn't it?

Elevated Basics: The Comfort Couture

Let's not sacrifice comfort at the altar of style. Instead, let's marry them in a blissful union of cozy-chic.

Shirt Dress and Boots

An oversized shirt dress paired with sleek ankle boots transforms the basic into the brilliant.

Whimsical and Earthy Jewelry

Celebrate nature with this whimsical jewelry set. Crystals and charms galore set the tone for a great mood!

Poncho Panache

A poncho sweater joining forces with wide-leg trousers is your ensemble of ease for those days spent under the open sky.

Pantone® Palette: The Colors of the Earth

Step into the world where colors don't just complement your look; they transform it. This season, let's infuse your style with Pantone® hues that bring out the earthy elegance of our stunning jewelry set.

Gone are the days of color confusion. We've handpicked a palette that marries the richness of nature with the vibrancy of fashion. With these colors, accessorizing becomes a breeze, turning your everyday look into a nature-inspired masterpiece.

Here's the exciting part: Our Pantone® selections are the perfect allies to our jewelry set. They're not just colors; they're your style amplifiers. From the calm sophistication of a Martini Olive to the gentle embrace of Doe and the tranquil allure of Chambray Blue, these hues are the essence of an earthy aesthetic.

And the beauty of it all? This jewelry set is your fashion chameleon. Quick grocery run? Add a touch of Martini Olive for an effortlessly chic look. A day at the office? Let the Doe bring a subtle, stylish flair. And for that girls' night out, dazzle in Chambray Blue, paired with our jewelry, to be the epitome of nature-inspired elegance.

So, embrace the versatility, play with these Pantone® hues, and watch as your fashion game elevates to new heights with every ensemble. It's not just about being trendy; it's about being timelessly in tune with nature's palette.

Pantone Pairings You Need to Try

Martini Olive

A hue that's as rich and inviting as the olive in your favorite martini. It’s the color of depth, of late summer leaves, and timeless tales.


The gentle brown that speaks of soft earth beneath your feet and the quiet strength of nature.

Chambray Blue

Soft, romantic, and eternally spring, Pastel Lilac is the sweet note in your style melody, perfect for softening an edgy look or adding a touch of whimsy.

Style That Speaks to the Soul

Every piece you choose, every color you wrap around your wrist, neck, or finger is a part of the story you’re telling the world.

Your Style Narrative

As you move through the world, let your style be an extension of your inner landscape. Are you a forest path dappled in sunlight, or are you the mountain peak touching the clouds?

Here's a tip to help you craft your style: accessorize with Intention. With each piece of this earth-inspired jewelry set, you're not just accessorizing; you're calling out to Nature.

Stay with us on this journey through fashion where we blend the whispers of the earth with the statement of style. This is the place where every outfit is a testament to the beauty that surrounds us and the individuality that defines us.

Until our next style adventure, keep your heart close to the earth and your fashion soaring high. Here's to becoming the trendsetter who doesn’t just follow the path but forges one with every step.

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Liz @ Precious Feelings January 12, 2024
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